engineer & musician
—with a love for good sound—


Here is a sample of my work and research.

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  • Binaural processing on smartphones (Demo)

    Technical architect for the prototyping and IP filing of a novel technology
    learn more at CPD Labs
  • Musiclopedia

    An application that uses distributed batch processing and graph computing to explore influence and relationships between jazz artists.
    see the project's github
  • Cantoría Santiago - O Salutaris Hostia (Josquin des Prez)

    Binaural recording
  • Virtual reality panner

    Interface for controlling the placement of sounds in a 3D space using Unity, Oculus Rift and an XBox controller
    see the project's github
  • Rodrigo Herrera – Estratos

    Live Recording
  • Nestlé Kitkat Chile Launch - Binaural Campaign (excerpt)

    Production and collaboration in the sound design.
  • Reca Bal - Ode to Seba

    Songwriting, Producing, Mixing & Performing
  • simPlay: A simple-to-play musical instrument's prototype

    Music Technology Master's Degree Thesis
    download it here
  • Deer Ear - NewBorn

    Songwriting, Producing, Mixing & Performing
  • Binaural Labs (excerpt)

    3D Short film production, location sound recording, music, sound design and sound post-production.
  • Andrew Struck-Marcell - Strange Filament

    Vibraphone recording
  • Ludwig Van Beethoven – Piano Trio op. 70

    Recording & mixing
  • Peter Gunn - We're in it for the Rock and Roll

    Mixing & mastering
  • Cantoría San Antruejo - Die Nacht (F. Schubert)

  • Binaural notification sounds

    Sound Designing for a messaging application


I am a music lover with an earnest interest for sound. I have a real passion for learning and I'm excited to mix creativity into the internet's endless possibilities for collaboration.

Any feedback, suggestions, or greetings are happily welcomed. Please write them to: pablorecabal at gmail.